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Here you will find a unique  blend of modalities :

 Athletic Training , Physical Therapy Bodywork,

Functional Training , Acupressure , Yoga, Meridian Exercises and 

Holistic health Counseling, & Coaching .

Shamanic Healing , Reiki , Channeling , Intuitive  and Energy Bodywork. 

Sound Therapy,  Crystal Singing Bowls & Song , Drum Circles, Essential Oils.

 Here, you will find integrity and compassion, expertise and humility . Be welcome to Sacred & Inspired Living. 


Personal & Group Training , Classes

Discover your most Awesome You . 

Personal Training Programs  :  NOT YOUR AVERAGE TRAINING SESSIONS! 

 Working from Within , We build a base first . a strong foundation is a must .

If you are just beginning , making a come back, or need to refresh your present workout regime , this training IS for you




We begin where YOU are and co- create with you , a program that will be most optimum for growth, strength , awareness , pain relief and transformation .  

Sessions and Programs will include a variety of fitness workouts, Pilates, Yoga , Foam Roller, Stretching , Acupressure, energy work .  Tracey has a vast knowledge  of functional training and the human body ,  as well as intuitive awareness  and a background of healing and shamanic practices , so you will get what you need ! 


Group Classes


 Halloween Spin Journey this Saturday , Oct 26!   


Tracey's Spin classes will require from you a willingness to dive deep .  Unlike spinning classes that yell at you and are primarily about the  workout ,  Tracey's classes are more . The workout is always the component , but form, mindfulness , focus, breath and somatic awareness brings your cycle workout to a whole new level . 


  Soma Dance ---an essential practice . and ancient modality : movement .  

  from deep within to the outer layers of our selves and then back again, this is movement therapy, shamanic journey, aerobics, dancing to pop hits , visualization , expression , freedom . Talk , sing  , explore , move .  It is just what you need , because it comes from you , supported by the group and guided by instruction .  


Tracey teaches, trains and practices at Masjah Studios , East Harwich, Mass  774-237-9068.                                                                    





Alternative Therapies

Healing . Peace. Tranquility . 

Reiki, Crystal Healings ,

Sound Healings 

Thai Yoga Bodywork,

Therapeutic BodyWork 

Foot Therapy 

Shamanic Healing Sessions & Journeys    by phone , Skype, Zoom or in person . 

Distance Healings & Journeys  for your loved ones . 

Sacred Wizdom Medicine

*Reiki 1, 2 and 3  Certification Classes , 

*Apprentice Programs, Shamanic Teachings  

*Sacred Wizdom Living Medicine Counseling:  Holistic Health Counseling  

* Shamanic Journeys, Vision Quests, Retreats 




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